Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jimmy Foster - Callahan 2009

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Jim Foster – 2009 Callahan

Jim Foster, the Wisconsin Hodag’s Callahan nominee, second-year captain, 4-year starter, and all around force, should win the Callahan award this season.

Jim is a baller; a dominant, game changing force on the field. A quick overview of his career makes it frighteningly obvious how good he is.
• Four year starter on Hodag’s O-line
• Member of the NUMP all collegiate 1st Team
• A 217-27 record
• 27 tournament wins out of 39 tournaments attended
• Jim has made it to National Finals every year he has started
• 3 Regional Championships
• 3 Nationals Finals Appearances
• 2 National Championships

There is simply no other Callahan nominee in the nation that can come close to matching Jim’s accomplishments as a college player. Nobody is even close.

Jim has the throws, the speed, the hops, and the desire of a champion. He is a match up nightmare for anyone in the country. Jim demands the opposition’s best defenders and beats them all over the field. While the Hodags have been a consistently top-level team for years, it was not until Jim became a starter and stud for the team did Wisconsin begin making annual appearances in National Finals. On a team of big names last year (Hohenstein, Lokke, Mahowald) Jim was still the go-to guy in every situation.

Is Jim a spirited player? Absolutely. Does he make shitty calls? No. Does he spike the disc? Thankfully, yes. Does he get pissed at other teams? Without a doubt. Foster is a competitor; he pumps up himself and his team with the plays he makes. It has been said elsewhere, but it bears repeating that Jim is a class act on the field, and his passion and intensity for the game make him only more exciting to watch.

Foster is the guy we can always count on to play his best on the biggest stage. This season Jim has played all year with the obvious target on his back. Teams attempt to shut him down but cannot overcome his athleticism. Regional finals, the biggest game we have played this year, was lost despite Jim going +6.

Vote for Jim Foster for Callahan; his success, ability, and leadership as a player make him a unique candidate who is extremely deserving of this award.

Jimmy Stats
177 pounds
31 inch vertical jump
4.56 40m dash
4.37 pro agility


Brodie said...

4 year starter on O-line
Member of the NUMP all collegiate 2nd Team

A 168-12 record

18 Tournament wins out of 25 tournaments attended

National Finals 1st year, Semis 2nd year, Finals 3rd year

3 Regional Championships
3 National Appearances
1 National Championship

Just saying...but good luck Jim, you got my vote

Anonymous said...

Good try, but you're not a nominee, Brodie. Doncha remember when your genious teammate posted on RSD for ya?

"fuck the callahan, you can give it to mac. we don't fucking want it.
we are not even nominating brodie for the award. the award is a
fucking joke. anyone that recieves this award should feel ashamed of
receiving the award after kurt didn't get it the past 2 years. keep
your fucking spirit fairy bullshit awards cause it's a fucking joke.
i love how everyone says that we only rely on one player and then says
that he doesn't do shit for our team. you guys are retards. watch
this video and then tell me he doesn't do shit for our team. sorry
for actually being serious on RSD but man you guys are fucking
idiots. "

Jon Gaynor said...

I would have said it differently than that...I know you have had a fantastic career, and had you been nominated you would certainly be closest to Jim in career achievements.

I guess I'll have to revise that if you get an RC nomination.

brodie said...

I was just saying i think its funny how people always hype their players so much. Yes i don't care, but Jim is one of the few candidates that is actually good so hopefully he wins the popularity contest.

Muffin said...

Jake you slacker - put up J-Fo's video immediately or I will poop in your room. I know where you live.
Tell Pat that song sucks and pick a good one.

Matt Young said...

Jake, don't fuck this up and post the video online within your time limit. JFo would. He's always on time. Except to the alumni game. He was super late to that.

Also, put "like a boss" somewhere in the video, please.

hodag6 said...

I made my time limit on a technicality, but I made it, and for bonus points I included Like A Boss gratuitously at the end of the video

Drew said...

True, Brodie, also impressive. Only 12 losses? Wow. I guess the hodags from 2006-2008 could garner something equally as impressive... Does that include fall tournaments as well? I'll have to tabulate some other interesting stats soon. I mean, who doesn't love stats?!

Sorry the season had to end with you and Chris in heat exhaustion... at least lose when you're 100%, right? I want to know how legit Virginia is and if they deserve the 3 seed at natties.

See y'all there?

brodie said...