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Classic City Classic 2009

Classic City Classic 2009

The last van left Madison at 5:40pm and randomly arrived at the same McDonald's as their teammates by sheer coincidence. It is 7:30am and the sky is dark. There is no sign of the sun to come and its snowing like its Christmas, the snowball kind. South Carolina is the first victim of the day. The Hodags are 24 deep coming in and lightning fast. Cross your fingers it doesn't get too muddy.

The fields are covered in snow and very soggy. South Carolina comes out hucking taking a quick lead on foolish turnovers 1-4. Jacob Meyer scores the first 2 goals as it tightens to 2-4. Cullen Geppert gets an awesome over the shoulder layout D to save a goal, but the game remains 3-6. Wisconsin switches to zone and breaks 3 times for half 7-6 on a floaty sky D. Evan Klane and John Bergen combined for another score out of half to lead 8-6, but then surrendered an 8-10 advantage. Wisconsin stormed back to lead 12-10 with a Ben Rehman Callahan goal. The Hodags won 13-11 in a sloppy affair and are 10 minutes from playing William & Mary, who brought 12 kids for the tournament. The snow clouds have finally dispersed, probably 38 degrees and a bit windy.

William & Mary is the next opponent and the Hodag Defense is finally awake. The contest trades to 3-3 before Alex Simmons rips down an sweet Callahan for the break 3-4. The lead stretches to 5-3 with a Wiseman under layout D, but W&M is able to tighten it 6-6 before Klane finds Chris Scotto for half 7-6. Scotto cleans up a deep huck as Wisconsin presses to 8-6. Thomas Coolidge tallies up 3 D's as the Hodag pressure builds and begins to score efficiently. Wiseman's 3 D's helps save Jake Smart's 5 turns as Madison pulls away 13-6. Madison's 16 D's far exceeded the earlier effort of only 2.

Florida State was the third game as the conditions improved. Wisconsin stormed to a 7-2 half using Rehman's 2 footblocks and sick under D. Thomas Coolidge continued to play like a stud - snacking on blocks all over the field. Florida State connected on several big hucks to close the game to 11-4. Ben Feldman finishes the deal with a blade to Cullen for the win 13-4.

Alabama is the 6th seed in the pool and currently waiting on the line as Wisco huddles all 27 jokers in a mishapen cluster. The game begins in hilarity as Alabama is committed to bombing it deep. Wisconsin counters with a Kylie Cyrus stall 9 floater unto which Alter doinks after out-reading everybody. Alabama bombs deep and out-races the Dayshoe 0-1. Chris Scotto gets a nasty layout D on the goal line as Bergen finds Davidman 1-1. Kyle Geppert gets another layout D allowing Wisconsin to go up 7-1. The Hodags finish strong, taking the game 13-1.

Tennessee is last stop and the Hodags have found a solid rhythm - taking control of the momentum up 7-3. Madison finally lands two consecutive pulls in bounds as they roll to a 13-3 win. Hector congratulates the team for unselfish play as Wisconsin wrapped up a 5-0 day.

Georgia, Delaware, and Michigan all finish 4-1 in several universe point contests, knocking Natty Mich down into the B bracket. Texas and North Carolina also fall into the B bracket. Wisconsin will see Notre Dame in quarterfinals and likely Georgia in semifinals.

Sunday morning is 25 degrees and we have 30 minutes to be at the fields - not one of the 6/8 dudes in my room set an alarm clock. Bergen's cleats are completely frozen and everyone's warm clothes are still covered in dirt. The fields are snow white - a winter wonderland. If Wisconsin wants to get past the Papal Rage - handler's Klane, Smart, and Park will need to have toasty fingers because it is winter. Hopefully, the field is frozen enough that footing will not be an issue today. On the way back from McDonald's, Hector's second morning coffee is precariously placed in the backseat cup holder -- needless to explain, tragedy is in the works.

The very first point was completely indicative of how the game proceeded. A 10 minute raging battle of will's including 4 layout D's, but Wisconsin stays in control over Notre Dame 3-2. Dave Wiseman had 2 D's as John Bergen exploded on Feldman for the second time, literally choking Simba with 2 hands at the neck. Cullen Geppert jacked a huge flick for a Diablo Dunk now 8-6 half. JerryBomb went down early with a tweak, leaving Killstrong to do his dirty work. The Hodags were leading 9-6, before several costly turns put the contest at 13-13, game point. Needing only one possession saving call, Wisconsin scores 14-13 to play Georgia, who has been eagerly watching for the last 20 minutes. Chris Scotto continues to be a stud while Bergen has become the emotional fire-starter. Zach Alter is running hard and Alex Simmons is playing shut-down defense.

Georgia, dressed in blood red, is currently hucking upwind for their warm-up, at least 3/4 landing in bounds. Bill Murray is at the helm and Dylan is flashing smiles in all directions. The GA dogs score a tough first point and then break twice on Wisco miscues, freaking out to a 0-3 start. Madison burns a timeout and reiterates the correct way to downfield cutting. Evan Klane and John Bergen are rocking in the backfield scoring 1-4. Wisco breaks back on an awesome Wiseman bookends now 3-5. GA finishes half with authority 6-8. Hodags cut it to 7-8 on a Dan Park O2. Jojah scores on a boom and breaks on a drop to lead 7-10. Backs against the wall, Madison digs deep as Thomas Coolidge gets an under layout D. Matt Crumb & Alex Simmons both make great effort plays - pressuring layout drops. Turtle rips several nasty IO breaks and Wisconsin is suddenly up 11-10 on 4 straight breaks. Hector screams for the Gloatbag - 8 straight breaks. Cullen Geppert rocks awesome defense, containing Dempsey as Wisconsin's depth was shining down the stretch. The best moment of the game was on the marathon 10-10 point. Both teams have dropped goals and cuts are coming once in a red moon for Georgia at midfield. An exhausted cutter tries a floaty dump pass which makes it one foot from his hand before Dayu Park swats it down. Jake Smart is thinking "timeout" but Muffin is screaming, "We aren't tired!" GA is openly walking; Bergen races off deep (still leading Kyle Geppert in their 10th 200m), and brings down the Smart bomb for the score. Both teams score easily down the stretch as the game trades to 13-11. Zach Alter floats a 500 ball to Diablo Donovan for the huge sky and Klane rips a cross-field hammer to Feldman to take the game 15-12.

A cool 30 minutes before finals allows the Hodags to recharge and run a full end-zone drill before finals. The field is looking muddy again. Layers of clothing are being shed on the field, as the high of 48 sets in. Madison begins on Defense and opens with a break on a Jake Smart boom to Cullen. Virginia plays it chilly as trucker hat pwns with a break inside-out backhand to space 3-3. The Hodags are playing 24 deep and the legs are showing as Wisconsin breaks for half 8-6 on a Alter give-n-go. Wisco's handlers move the disc quickly as Dan Park rips O2 and zips in a goal now 9-6. Virginia's Tyler is a one-man show, ripping the pull, playing the lanes on D, and then going deep on the turn. Madison stays in control of the contest, leading 12-9 despite multiple Smart deep bombs narrowly missing open receivers. The Hodag Defense is getting multiple opportunities each point and Night-Train is running out of gas. Captain Crumbly, a middle school broad jump champion, attempts to score on a 27 foot leap-n-score. Crumbles lands a bit low as his butt grazes the ground, ripping up soaked turf with his rippling gluteus 13-10. Pat Donovan rips down a big deep ball from Lazer, leaving the disc at 11 feet for a moment for all to see. Wisco has a chance to win at 14-11, but Virginia is not quite done and battles on to 14-12. The Hodag Offense is playing their most consistent of the weekend, probably because Wisco is already down by several scores late, and no one on the Madison sideline is worried about finishing this game, especially since Notre Dame is doing their damn best to heckle Madison out of it.
Feldman give-n-go's the disc to 20 feet out, before Simba pirouettes for a backhand score. The winning goal is called back on a travel, the play is repeated and layout dropped by Diablo. Virginia converts the break deep and suddenly it is a game at 14-13. The crowd is yet dispersing, and Wisconsin glances up to see Georgia still running there-back sprints on the far field. Benji Feldner catches an under and lets loose a backhand ripper to Chris Scotto for the win 15-13.

O'Doyle Rules! Wisconsin wins CCC for the 5th straight appearance, taking home the champion cups after submitting their roster as collateral. The best stats go to Evan Klane with 226 touches, 17 assists, and 11 turns. Bergen rocked 13 goals, but Alter smiles with a nasty relevance rating at +6. Coolidge, Wiseman, & Cullen all smacked down 8 D's each, while Simba & Smart battled for turnover supremacy. Every player played in every game... and we won. It should be warned that Sunday in Illinois is National No Gas Day. Thank goodness for BP. I want to give a big shout out to winter, for being such a frigid horrible season. The Hodags love to play in the snow mind you, but we don't enjoy the cold hands that go with it (that's a Carleton thing). The second best part of CCC was looking over and seeing the Dog's running sprints. It perfectly articulated what Wisconsin had been doing for 5 straight years; winning games with legs. Traditionally, that is always the battle; the southern teams get to practice ultimate and the northern teams get to practice running. It's not conceivable to me that ANYONE else is working as hard as the Hodags on the track. Not a single other team. But it should be noted that Wisconsin did not qualify for Nationals until the McClain Center opened.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Border Brawl

Wisconsin starts 5-0.
In the last two games against Colorado and Minnesota -- the Hodags fall on universe point each. Growl...

Classic City Classic

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It Takes An Army

Hodag tryouts began with 115 strapping boys -- a gigantic pool of talent. First cuts humbled the total to 65 - still an unmanageable number. As the second round wound down, 40m times were calculated and 95 yard Burk-woods tested who had the speed-endurance combo. Intensity was measured and commitment was calculated, as Dr. Matt Crumbung challenged every player to a layout drill - straight through a small lake in maybe 50 degree temperatures. Enthusiasm remained as every player completed the challenge. The third round of tryouts put the count at an even 40 - two tryout teams of 20.
Both teams played well at No Wisconsequences, notably battling the tryout squads of Carleton and Colorado. Wisconsin-X led by Jake Smart, John Bergen, and Ben Feldman looked very athletic and polished for a split squad -- taking down just about the entire Central region's various fall tryout squads. Many of Wisconsin's second year players like Dan Park, Dayu Liu, and Jerry McGinnis are making noticeable impacts already. When the dust settled, the Hodag number stands at a whopping 27, the current club roster limit. Using the "it takes an army" metaphor literally, the leadership took every player who showed he deserved an opportunity. Overall, the Hodags are bringing back 16 returners, 4 freshman, 4 pimpdags, and 3 grad students. For the 7th year in a row, a returner did not make the team -- clearly sending the message that complacency is unacceptable on the Hodags.
The ultimate traditions are strong at Wisconsin as the first post-practice team meeting held expectations high and emotions spilling. Without a doubt, Wisconsin is once again deep, athletic, and confident. Not to mention, several Hodags are competing at Nationals next weekend with Madison Murder Club.


Now introducing the Wisconsin Hodags 2010: (in order of head-shots and good-looks)
Hector Valdivia - Coach
Matt Crumb #20 - Captain, Doctor, most responsible, best looking cutter. Crumbly will be a voice in the huddle and a mentor to all Hodags looking for a role model.
Jake Smart #6 - Captain, big ego, most handsome handler, big throws, bigger mouth. Jake needs to step into his role this season for the Hodags to truly be successful. Wisconsin's dominance will rise and fall on Jake's boom backhand.
Evan Klane #38 - Officer, vocal strong leader, most witty comments. Evan is a baller, who has come a long way since being a NUT. Evan has nasty throws and has matured into one of the strongest players on the field. Klane's dominance this summer with Madison Club will translate well for Wisconsin's offense.
Ben Feldman #2 - Officer, best facial hair
John Bergen - Officer, wishes he were Animal
Cullen Geppert - best defender
Pat Donovan - best at Mario Kart
Jon Masler - lost in Israel
Alex Simmons - will wrestle you
Matt Davidman - still obnoxious
Dayu Liu - imagine Asian handler
Jake Meyer - wishes he were Seth
Dan Park - finally a handler
Zach Alter - ridiculously fast
Dave Wiseman - Imagine a GIANT WOOKIE
Jerry McGinnis - the next Joey Dombrow
Jon Armstrong - most fun, best grades
Sammy Fitzpatrick - dominate big man
Zach Ehler - most motivated
Colin Camp - freshman, tall scary athletic surfer
Chris Scotto DiVetta - grad school, coolest, jockiest, enginerd
Ben Rehmann - freshman, eager young talent
Tanner Marshall - pimpdag, great hands
Kelsen Alexander - pimpdag, climbs the biggest rocks
Keith Christensen - freshman, loves thrill seeking layouts
Thomas Coolidge - pimpdag, more motivated than turtle
Kyle Geppert - freshman, wishes he were Cullen, runs like a snowman
Nick Jacobson - grad school, undecided

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fall 2009 Ultimate Frisbee Tryouts!


JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP "UW-Madison Ultimate Frisbee Tryouts"

Tryouts for the Wisconsin Hodags will start on Wednesday, September 9th at 4:30pm. They will be held at the University Bay Fields, located near the UW-Hospital on the west side of campus (The fields are directly across from the Waisman Center). Refer to this online map if you need help locating the fields:

Important Information:
-Tryouts will be every Monday and Wednesday (Starting Wed., Sept. 9th) from 4:30pm to 7:00pm.
-Make sure to bring a white and dark jersey/shirt to tryouts
-Bring cleats if you have them (extremely important that you bring them if you have them)
-Tryouts will continue into October, at which point the team will be decided after our local tryout tournament on October 17th and 18th. Make sure you are available to attend if you are serious about playing for the Hodags. If you cannot, please let us know ASAP.
-Last year we had two different B-Teams, and will almost certainly have the same this year. Everyone will have an opportunity to compete, be it on the A-Team, or the B-Team(s).
-Invite your friends! The more people the better!

If you have any questions, you can contact Ben Feldman at


The Wisconsin Hodags

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nationals 2009

Schedule and Rules

The winner will be _____.



Friday Shots
Sat Pics

Freeheel Dominates
Andrew Brown's finest Commentary
Today was the last practice of the season and the Hodags were running at Nationals speed. The energy was overwhelming and opponents will struggle to match the intensity as Wisconsin plans to punish with their legs. The Hodags have 13 National champions. No current player or team can claim a single National Title. The weather will be hot and Wisconsin is deeper, more athletic, and more conditioned than any opponent they will face. Game of the tournament: Semifinals Wisconsin vs. Colorado.

The College Championships 2009

The most important weekend of the year is finally upon us. To achieve the final goal and win a National Championship - every point must be played as life and death. Just a single defeat at any point in the tournament all but ruins your chances for the title. You must win your pool. The Hodags know the winning formula well and will attack their warm-up with an energy and urgency that few other teams will be able to match. The championships look to be sunny and hot, 87 degrees at 5:30 pm, and gusty winds. This means every point played will slowly empty the gas tank for the weekend and expect cramps and heat exhaustion to be common sights among the top-heavy teams. Will the studs be able to carry all weekend? An extra day and relatively spread out games should help with this effect. However, one statistic stands out in my mind from Nationals 2008. It was the differential in points played between the quarterfinal opponents Wisconsin vs. Harvard. The Hodags had played around 72 points total while Red Line had played nearly 126 points. Point spread and finishing teams quickly is an absolute must with the upcoming conditions. The Offense must value the disc and score with quick strikes. The Defense must be seething with energy and pressure until the other team crumbles at stall 10 with no options open. Last time I checked, Wisconsin was still the 2-time defending Champion and only team to have current players who have accomplished that goal, 13 players in fact. Carleton has 0, Colorado has 0. The fifth year seniors who will be dominating are Jon Gaynor and Adam Drews on Offense, Tom Annen on Defense, with Tom Murray and Jimmy Foster playing all the time. Seniors Evan Klane and Jonathon Masler will need to hold down the back field while handlers John Bergen and Jake Smart will undoubtedly cause huge swings in momentum. Expect Cullen Geppert and Matt Young to blow up on Defense, guarding the best cutters. Defenders who must step up their game with weekend are Pat Donovan and Alex Simmons. The first year players must fall into a rhythm and play their role - whether it is on the sideline or running your absolute fastest for one point. If Wisconsin acts and walks like a champion in their pool play games - it could culminate into a historic weekend. I'm expecting Wisconsin to come out very hard and fast - setting the tone. Jerry McGinnis is overheard in his most manly voice, "You know, a lot of guys lift to impress girls, I lift to impress weights." It's JerryBomb time!

Before the day starts tomorrow, Wisconsin is even. The Hodags have a clean slate and the opportunity to destroy. The first goal is a game to 3. The intensity needs to pour out of the 7 D line studs. Hodags lean and lean and lean, until the opponent shows weakness and that's when the Hodags stab and twist the dagger. The D line needs to carry the team while the O line displays their speedy dominance. It will be incredibly hot and the Hodags need to use their depth and legs to outlast every other team. The faceless army will replace its D line thugs with another line of beasts waiting to prey on the weak. We come out of the gates fired up. There is no other team that can match our fire, especially not at this tournament, at these fields. The game plan, among many on D, is to apply immediate pressure on the hitch, sending a head hunter to crush all hopes of any easy pass the other team might think they have. We push this strategy until our adrenaline pushes us over edge. The Hodags will also show different looks on D at different times, to keep the opponent guessing and out of their comfort zone....
Masler wrote these thoughts down the night before regional finals. With the anticipation higher for this game more than any other I've played in, I didn't know how to express my thoughts aloud to the rest of the team. Although we unfortunately would lose the game the following day, I think this still applies to how I feel right now. I've never shown this to anyone, as it was a unfinished and raw:
This is our team. Our team. We've built it from scratch this year, more than any other in recent memory, and we're all part of a bigger picture of generations of Hodags before who have taken pride in this program and helped develop it to where it is today. We have all the pieces to the puzzle that we need. Whether on the field or on the sidelines, everyone is dependent on everyone else. We are all equals. We have leaders on this team, those who have taken it upon themselves to speak up and carry the responsibilities of motivating, teaching, and inspiring all of us, but everyone is just as big of a contributor as everyone else. We are brethren. Everyone in their own right who goes through this program realizes what Hodag Love means to them at different points throughout their career as a Hodag. For me, it was after winning nationals last year when it all came together. And now, more than ever, that feeling of Hodag Love is reinforced at this incredible opportunity. Like everyone who has ever played in the program has known, this game (tournament) is bigger than anything we've ever been apart of. Anyone who's worn the baby blue knows how this game (tournament) is what defines one's experience playing for Wisconsin.
All I want to do is kill. Every time I think about this tournament, the first game, the first point, I find it hard to contain myself and have to yell out to my boys, who are going through the exact same thing. You could tell at practice today, that it's business time. It's gonna be all kill mode tomorrow. We just flat out want it more. And it's time to take it.

The only performance enhancing drug that is not illegal is caffeine - and the Hodag coaches are pounding coffee. We are riding on our enemies like Pac on Biggie. It is a toasty 91 degrees and Wisco is about to scout Cal before destruction happens all over their face. Michigan and Minnesota battled tough this morning, as Michigan took an early lead 4-2 before Grey Duck sans Tim Pearce clawed their way back into it. Will Neff was calling timeouts with reckless abandon as the Aaronson brother's called travel after violation. Minnesota was up 13-10 and with the disc - ready to finish, but then choked hard as Michigan pushed the game to OT and with a 6-1 run and murderballed to 16-14. Wisconsin arrived to the fields super early and was antsy from the get-go - seemingly 18 hours of waiting to finally warm-up and get on the field. California was set to play Pittsburgh - giving Wisconsin plenty of time to scout from under tent. Cal hucked OB at least 6 times and played poorly, allowing Pittisburgh to punish and take a huge lead 8-3. It was a blow-out from start to finish as it ended 15-7 Pitt. The Hodags were forced to endure a Colorado beatdown as Cornell missed numerous hucks deep. Wisconsin had their cleats on nearly 1.5 hours until game time but the nerves seemed to be winning the battle. The energy was there, but confused and hesitant rather than dominating. The Hodags lost the flip but began on Defense pulling upwind as Jake turfed it near the brick. California just missed their deep look and the Hodags had a chance. Cal-Berkely was running hard but a Cullen under and forehand boom to Pat Donovan scored the first break 1-0 and Wisconsin rushed the field with vigor and authority. Cal looked unsure, but connected on break side unders to tie the game 1-1. On Offense for the first time, the looks were chilly until Murray missed J-Fo on the goal line. Cal tried a deep shot and T-Murda got up and snacked on a D, allowing Gaynor to rip floaty deep to Drews 2-1. Wisconsin failed to put any pressure on Cal who scored easily 2-2. At this point, the Offense started freaking out and throwing into D's and dropping the disc as Cal broke 3 straight times to lead 2-5 as high release goals from in the red zone were brutal to endure. The Hodags finally start moving the disc quickly and ripping deep shots to get back into the game, as Evan throws 2 assists to close to 4-6. Wisconsin begins to get pissed and steps up the intensity. Cal rips a stall 9 deep and the trailing cutter picks up the trash to lead 4-7. Tom Murda throws a dishy to Bergen for the goal 5-7, taking a timeout to steal back a break. It was a good effort but Cal confidently took half 5-8 and the Hodags took a weary huddle - drinking fluids and dying in the extreme heat.
Wisconsin started the second half on Offense and continued to show an extreme inability to break a cup. It wasn't until Darth Lazer punted a stall 9 MTA to which Jimmy Foster skied, that Wisconsin actually woke up! Gaynor doubled scored the point to John Bergen as Wisconsin tightened the game to 6-8. As the line was called - Muffin threatened Crumb's life and told him to make a play. Ben Feldman snacks on a deep D and then rips a Boom Headshot to Matt Crumbly for the break 7-8 as the Hodags sparked alive. Wisconsin turned the mark and played shut-down D and Cal began to crumble as Crumbly rips a flick to Gaynor 8-8. Jimmy Foster rips a flick to space and Cullen Geppert brings home the 3rd straight break to lead 9-8. Cal ties the game at 9-9 and takes advantage of two Feldman meltdowns to lead 10-11. Wisconsin holds to tie at 11s. The rest of the game will be a contest of who can go on the longest run. Wisco continues to have trouble with Cal's IO high release breaks and allows Cal to score almost whenever they turn it. The points are hard fought and although Cal scores to make it 14-11 on some Hodag miscues, Wisconsin does not give in. The Hodags begin to start tightening the lines, stacking their D lines to near universe levels. The Offense holds to bring the Hodags to 12-14, looking confident again. Wisco now needs 3 breaks to win, and 2 pretty quickly in order to avoid the hard cap ending the game. A Foster sky, Feldman deep run, and Murray scorch deep for the win on universe ends the most impressive Hodag comeback nationals victory in recent memory. Tom Annen flexes his fist in revelation knowing his rap-roaring backhand ripper was far more impressive than Lebron James sickest eva boom headshot in the eyeball on command. Wisconsin Zerg rushes the field and contends that "all your base are belong to them." Wisconsin congratulates Clay for a good showing and has only 5 minutes to move to the next field and prepare to play Williams.

Texas takes down Wisconsin on universe point first thing Saturday morning in a ridiculously exciting game.
Wisconsin takes down Pittsburgh on universe after being down late. Ben Feldman ripping a perfect flick to Jimmy Foster for the win.
Luther sent 4 seniors home and played with 13 kids. The score shows 9-8, but the game was never in question as Wisconsin rolled through pre-quarters.

It is Sunday - the season will be over in less than 24 hours. The team will be history. Quick Team meeting before Stanford and all eyes are on CUT. This is right where we thought we would be - we are the favorite and the better team. It should be 83, sunny, and probably a slight wind. The Hodags are still the defending Champs and Stanford is still Stanford at Nationals.

Wisconsin started strong - scoring the first point and breaking to take a 2-0 lead. The energy was there but the heat was going to be ridiculous. The game traded quite nicely to 6-5 as the Hodags were bidding often and scoring quickly on Offense. However, a new Zone look caused a drop in the red zone, giving an easy break back 6-7. Tom Annen ripped a huge backhand down the line to a wide open Adam Drews, but the far side poach made up all the ground and layout D'd over the shoulder and Stanford's Callahan made an under cut and ripped a backhand to take half 6-8. Wisconsin was now on their heels and starting half on Defense. Stanford jacked a deep bomb and scored to lead 6-9. With the game starting to slip, Wisconsin needed to score. Ben Feldman ripped a flick down the line to a wide open JImmy Foster, but the laser shot is too far and Stanford breaks again on a backhand huck 6-10. Wisconsin called a timeout and Seniors Annen and Foster ripped into the team for execution errors and intensity. It was now a huge deficit and unlike the pool play games - Wisconsin looked like they let this one slip away. With the team shocked, each point needed to be played one at a time. Tom Murray ripped a backhand to Gaynor and Wisconsin had life at 7-10. The universe D line put the pressure on Stanford and defensively bid on 4 straight unders before Bloodthirsty punched in 7-11. The Offense just needed to convert and give the Wisconsin D another chance. However, the stupid turn and break caught Wisconsin full fledge in the face, now down 7-12. That would all be wrap up the game and Wisconsin's season was over. Brutal.
On a similar note, Belladonna finished their season with clear disappointment.. I watched the first half and saw Belladonna's superior speed and veteran presence in Bosscher and Brute Squad. Belladonna looked dominant, but Stanford was calling everything. The last sequence I saw, Stanford threw a 20 yard backhand into the end zone landing 7 yards OB out the side. During the throw the cutter tangled feet with the Belladonna defender, nearly 6 yards from the end zone line. The foul is called as both players trip, but the throw, which was laser-ed forward, out-of-bounds and clearly uncatchable. Somehow, the call goes to the Observer, who inexplicably rules foul and the disc on the line. That was shady. At best it was a feet tangle; foul - contest. But on this specific play, the disc was clearly way OB and there would be no play on the disc whatsoever. Neither call was within 10 yards of where the disc landed! Hector commented that he saw 2 foul calls upheld that he thought were without a doubt - not a foul. He was so sure - he encouraged the call to go to the observer. The statistician noted that Stanford made a possession saving call on 13 of their 15 goals. When the game finished, the observer who had been ruling against Belladonna all game went over, hugged and kissed the Stanford coach and then began hugging and chatting with Stanford players. If that was my final season - I would want some answers. A note on observing over the weekend - extremely inconsistent. There were a couple of upheld fouls and up/down calls that were bullshit - and when really assessing who is "ruling" on these situations - it is clear that high level ultimate is played with a different level of physicality than hippie-loving free speech to whine. After Jacob Goldstein Observed the Hodag's second game - Wisconsin was ready to implement a rule that required the observers to run a sub 8 second 40 before the game. I will say Mike G was by far the best observer - consistently ruling no foul on immediate referral situations - way more professional and direct with his opinion.
Carleton and Stanford in one semi-final; Colorado and Texas in the other. The wind picked up significantly as rain clouds threatened, but the #1-2 seeds were too much for the contenders. Mamabird was running everything through Mac Taylor while CUT was moving the disc quickly against Stanford. Carleton and Colorado were both up several breaks late and finished with huge cheers. Next was the Callahan presentation with the women first. It is always fun to hear the description of the player because it is easy to guess who it is. When the second place description involved the wording "chilly decision making" - I knew that Georgia Bosscher had won the Callahan award! Sure enough, the Wisconsin women took home the award in almost back-to-back-to-back years in Holly Gruenke, Courtney Kiesow, and now Georgia Bosscher. On the men's side, Jimmy Foster placed 4th place, behind Pressley, Taylor, and Neff.

The Team USA vs. Regional All-Stars was interesting for a moment as Skywalker almost gets Jolian in the air, before doinking it. Team USA rattles points off at their leisure taking a huge lead, before All-Stars score - someone getting Bort in the air 5-1. Mahowald dominates for a moment later in the game, getting a poach layout D, working for an under and ripping a backhand for the score 9-2. During halftime, TBA Mike wins the longest hammer with a 70 yard bomb. The day ends and the crowd disperses to celebrate the end of the college season - all but 2 teams. Wisconsin was not happy and in no mood for shenanagians. National Finals began with an OATBAG was Carleton broke 7 straight times to lead 7-0 - complete with a dropped pull and end zone conversions. Colorado finally discovered the end zone and half went 8-2 CUT. The game turned in the second half as the score closed to 13-10, but CUT closed the door 15-11. Congratulations Carleton for keeping the title in the Central.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jimmy Foster - Callahan 2009

High Res on Youtube, just click the "HD" link in the lower right hand box of the video:

Veoh version:

Watch Jim Foster For Callahan Video in Sports | View More Free Videos Online at

Jim Foster – 2009 Callahan

Jim Foster, the Wisconsin Hodag’s Callahan nominee, second-year captain, 4-year starter, and all around force, should win the Callahan award this season.

Jim is a baller; a dominant, game changing force on the field. A quick overview of his career makes it frighteningly obvious how good he is.
• Four year starter on Hodag’s O-line
• Member of the NUMP all collegiate 1st Team
• A 217-27 record
• 27 tournament wins out of 39 tournaments attended
• Jim has made it to National Finals every year he has started
• 3 Regional Championships
• 3 Nationals Finals Appearances
• 2 National Championships

There is simply no other Callahan nominee in the nation that can come close to matching Jim’s accomplishments as a college player. Nobody is even close.

Jim has the throws, the speed, the hops, and the desire of a champion. He is a match up nightmare for anyone in the country. Jim demands the opposition’s best defenders and beats them all over the field. While the Hodags have been a consistently top-level team for years, it was not until Jim became a starter and stud for the team did Wisconsin begin making annual appearances in National Finals. On a team of big names last year (Hohenstein, Lokke, Mahowald) Jim was still the go-to guy in every situation.

Is Jim a spirited player? Absolutely. Does he make shitty calls? No. Does he spike the disc? Thankfully, yes. Does he get pissed at other teams? Without a doubt. Foster is a competitor; he pumps up himself and his team with the plays he makes. It has been said elsewhere, but it bears repeating that Jim is a class act on the field, and his passion and intensity for the game make him only more exciting to watch.

Foster is the guy we can always count on to play his best on the biggest stage. This season Jim has played all year with the obvious target on his back. Teams attempt to shut him down but cannot overcome his athleticism. Regional finals, the biggest game we have played this year, was lost despite Jim going +6.

Vote for Jim Foster for Callahan; his success, ability, and leadership as a player make him a unique candidate who is extremely deserving of this award.

Jimmy Stats
177 pounds
31 inch vertical jump
4.56 40m dash
4.37 pro agility

Saturday, April 25, 2009



Central Regionals

Nationals Teams

So Carleton, how many medals do you have?
How many college tournaments have you won in your lifetime?
CUT is a bunch of cheaters on the field and consistently make shitty, soft calls.

Nationals Seeds and Notable Missing Teams

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lake Superior Sectionals

Wisconsin Sectionals
Traditionally, the beginning of the College Series is always awesome for the Hodags, and this weekend was no different. Hours of practicing zone in the horrid conditions of the Midwest plains had thoroughly prepared Madison for this tournament. First up was Beloit and the Hodags took the line entirely clad in nickname tailored costumes. It was a sight to behold with the music raging as Hippie Biker Adam Drew’s grizzled hair, handlebar mustache, and ripped jeans dominated for the 1-0 lead. Safety First Tour de France Jimmy Foster skied for D and lost his helmet when he scored 2-0. David Bowie made an appearance with skintight white spank me pants and a lionesque Mohawk mane, scaring most bystanders. Beloit was intimidated by the strangeness of the situation for about two points before realizing that Wisconsin was obviously screwing around. There was no wind to speak of as several blades and strong catches moved the score to 5-4. After the fourth score, Wisconsin began getting fired up about not playing hard defense. “We always play Defense!” screamed Tom Annen, who was adorning his best CUT apparel, with matching wrist/armbands and ripped sleeveless. The Hodags began doling out push-ups if your man caught an under pass, and then DP slamming from alumni Chris Doede if they were scored upon. This rampage style of defensive intensity propelled Wisconsin to a 15-8 win, dominating the down the stretch after almost relenting half. Adam “Straight Booze” Drews made it known that Hodags don’t have fun, ever, and when they do, it is only because they are murdering the other team… The long bye round gave the Hodags ample time to obtain a grill, thus cooking brats and hot dogs during the afternoon sun interim. Chris Doede continues to pour hate into the Hodags playing 500, while Hector travels to the far fields, helping the Pimpdags win before a quick round of disc golf. It seemed that Whitewater was organized enough to host Regionals, but did not manage to submit a correct roster to the UPA, thus getting disqualified from the College Series immediately.
Practice Winning Everyday was the mantra for the second pool play game against Steven’s Point. John Bergen was ripping scoobers with his full suit coat and Gaynor was dropping discs whenever possible, looking like a soon to be Wisconsin alumni. Feldman was looking absolutely ridiculous with a low cut top and swirly skirt, much hotter than MILF Cullen, complete with fake boobs and miniskirt. Simmons was gaining fantasy points with 3 take downs in the first half, before Muffnuts pinned Cinnabuns, straight with his singlet on 8-5. BananaHat Armstrong was making plays as this game ended in a rout 15-8. The Pimpdags had secured a birth into semifinals as BellaDonna dominated the women’s field, barely scored upon.
The Alumni presence over the weekend, complete with Fat Bill Lokke and Mabrowald appearances at the fields. K-Federation also got into the action, full out tackling Jimmy Foster as he held the mark, giving up a huck goal – causing Adam Drews to spike his wig in protest. MSoE wasn’t putting up much a fight in quarterfinals as the 4th pizza pass over the head was dropped or D’d. Monster Masler was dressed complete with the troll gem as his Troll Sullivan costume was absolutely hideous. Mario Smart was showcasing a perfect mustache as Hillbilly Pearce was scoring goals despite rolling up the pant legs of his oversized over-alls. The game ended quickly at 15-3 and allowed the Hodags to move to Hector and Riley’s birthday celebration at casa de Valdivia. The delicious mounds of food caused many Hodags to stay up late in full fledge celebratatory moods. Sunday was rainy and chilly – leaning towards miserable playing conditions. Wisconsin served up Eau Claire in semifinals 15-8 and put down Marquette in the finals 15-7. Jimmy Foster twittered for a moment that Wisconsin lost to Whitewater in finals, putting Tripoli into frenzy. Wisconsin’s game plan was to consistently get breaks one at a time as opposed to the huge runs used to dominate on Saturday. The Pimpdags qualified for Regionals, taking down the 5th spot, allowing one more week before Regionals in Northfield. The Hodags will need to focus on mental concentration to take down the #1 bid from the Central, facing Carleton in finals no doubt on next Sunday morning. However, with the format and 4 bids, Wisconsin will only need to win 3 games and qualify for finals to earn a bid to Nationals. Team meetings, pasta parties, and last minute chalk talks all encompass the weekdays before the battle rages for the #3 seed at Nationals. The alumni game is set for May 2nd at UBAY and the final stretch of the ultimate season is upon us! In other news, the Hodags obviously need a new media/results coordinator and could potentially use a technical video nerd to finish up the documentary which is in the pre-final stages of a completed timeline! However, Morfin’s request for a Time Turner was denied by the Department of Mysteries… Lastly, 5th year Captain Jimmy Foster is Wisconsin’s Callahan nominee!

Huck Finn 2008

Wisconsin was able to practice outside in the muddy rainy windy conditions that is the Central only a few times before heading to Missouri. The workouts had intensified since SB2K9 as well as the urgency at practice. The schedule looked solid and challenging as the Hodags brought everybody but freshman powerhouse Jerry.
Old Man Crumb awakes to thoughts of earning a TMF (Too Much Fun) and the possibility of the finding the fields. It was a rough start to the morning as Feldman immediately jumped into the only bathroom first, insisting upon locking the door, not allowing anyone else inside for hours. Cullen was looking most chipper despite the continental breakfast consisting of 3 boxes of donuts, coffee, and a gallon replica OJ. It would be an interesting day no doubt. Wisconsin played grab-ass with Colorado on the van ride passing to the fields, which were highly anticipated to be awesome. However, the fields were actually yellow... but still soft with some recent moisture. Iowa was first on the docket and it was a mild 45 degrees, but getting windier with every passing moment. The Hodags were getting up to speed in warm-ups and Benji was an obvious firestarter as the contest commenced. 5th year super senior Tom Animal was opening up can's of whoop ass left and right - dishing out three straight breaks to start 3-0. Tom Murray was obviously ready to own the skies, going up huge for the first two scores, buffering his accolades of owning nearly the entire UPA Starting 7. Meanwhile, Matt Crumb swoops up a catch with a huge dive and pizza tosses the disc over his head, making Davidman jealous. It was not all fun and games as midfield turns resulted in a breaks as Alter and Masler were caught with their pants down deep, as Iowa brought the score closer at 3-2. Playing most unclutch at the precise moments, Wisconsin coughed up the lead 3-4 as Iowa gained momentum. Hector began whispering advice to Darth Klane, whose eyes glowed a murderous red. Jon Gaynah! rocketed a huge backhand allowing Murda to savagely sky n spike the disc, severing Diablo's pinky toe 4-4. Jake Smart is soo pumped up to see Patsy go down hard, he jerks it deep for the Hollywood speed show 5-4. Iowa steadies the ship with big shots and ruthless breaks 5-5. Adam Drews rockets a lazer flick to Gaynor for the awkward catch 6-5. Old Man Young wanted more and took in a big toss from Mannywood 7-5 half.
The Hodags began the second half on Defense and needed to keep up the intensity. The turns were flowing freely and the Hodags liked their chances hucking swill to Pat Donovan who twice skied entire packs of would be defenders with both heels planted firmly to the turf. However, sloppy choppy calls ruined the game for a moment as Iowa held 7-6. It continues to be stop and go as Darth Klane bombs to Gaynor, finishing to Davidman 8-6. Madison was irritated to such an extent that it become time to murder. Even Cullen spikes his headband proclaiming what every Hodag was thinking, "Fudge 'em Bucky!" On the second under cut of the point, Geppert gets a nasty layout D and immediately jukes his man to the cone 9-6 Double Happiness! Wisconsin's energy escalates everything as Jake responds, "You are in a freaking dreamworld right now!" Simmons seizes his first chance with a sick nasty under layout bid, just scraping the disc, and Crumb makes it back-to-back layout attempts, snacking the D. Mannywood breaks again to Simmons for the lead 10-6. Iowa is staggering, but scores quickly on the wind change 10-7. The Offense begins taking unnecessary deep shots, turning the disc so many times you would have thought Feldman was on the field... The cap sounds and Iowa scores 10-8, making the game interesting. However, Wisco holds easily upwind and breaks to win as Hollywood Feldner rips a flick to Dan Park 12-8. Meanwhile, on showcase field number one, Colorado loses to Notre Dame in surprise move.
In the second round, it was Illinois ready to throw down. Like any decent Midwest town, the afternoon winds picked up considerably and rocked every swilly disc thrown into the atmosphere. The Offense begins the contest as Bjergies rips a nasty flick to Jimmy Foster for the Bam Hand Club Spike 1-0. Illinois works the disc patiently, almost scoring until Matt Young interjects for a goal line layout D, sticking out his tongue after ruthlessly making up several yards. Masler grips it and rips it for Crumbly Bumbbly for the diving catch Double Happiness 2-0. The Hodags are feeling good and even Hector commented, "Holy Shit, Crumb can get D's at will! AT WILL!" Meanwhile, Colorado was now battling Florida on showcase field #1, as Callahan Contender MacPhearSon Taylor gets the Brodman with a bigtime sky. The Hodags are running hard and playing physical defense right on the hip. The intensity is showing as Animal, Gaynor, Davidman, and J-Fo all get layout D's on the marathon point, but dismal execution allows Illinois to break back 2-2. Wisconsin holds on Offense as Murda runs down an errant pass and rips a nasty Huck to the Jizzler for the spike 3-2. Mannywood flexes his guns, flying in for a sick D snag and then finishing to Cullen for the break 4-2, all transpiring as Alter is "Lost in Space!" Benji manages two straight turns after another nasty T-Murda huck is called back and Geppert is so pissed he layout D's his dude under. The super soft call is made and Wisconsin turns on this kid like pack of ravenous Hodags! After the violence calms down, Darth Klane rips a goal to Jon Gaynor as Wisconsin leads 5-3. Illinois takes advantage of the lulling wind for a quick score and break 5-5 off a double Murda-Cullen mack D, swooped up garbage style. The down-wind break followed as Illinois led 6-5. The Offense struggled to move the disc in the worsening conditions and insult to injury, Gaynor is led straight into a head-on-head collision by Bergen and goes down to ruthless concussion. JImmy Foster is so pissed now, muttering murderous thoughts as he is forced to the sideline by fellow H.S. teammate Jake Smart, who proclaims, "Screw Gaynor, we don't need him!" The River Ganges is later seen stumbling and crying on the sideline muttering, "My teammates don't love me anymore." This was all the provocation Jake Needham'd as he ripped a laser bomb to Tomacide for the dirty-girl spike 6-6. Mannywood takes it to half by rocketing an upwind backhand to Ben Feldman for the halftime break 7-6.
The Hodags are pissed about not running hard, specifically Masler who strangles Zach Alter for a brief moment before regaining composure, only to begin screaming again! Summer League Ringer Matt Crumb brings back the love with a perfectly performed "Frieeeeeends Fooooorrrrrever!" Illinois doesn't like the sound of that and immediately jump kicks Crumb in the back on a sky ball, leaving Dr. Young very surly on the turf. AlterZone sees some 500 ball swill and attacks the pile, skying Pat and 4 other players as Wisconsin holds 8-7. However, the wind is overpowering as Illinois scores and breaks upwind to lead 9-8. The game stops for a moment as the Hodags gather kindling, brush, and a large black kettle, for which to sacrifice Ben Feldman's soul! Illinois watches aghast as Cullen and Animal savagely break off and devour Ben's throwing hand and subsequently, arm. After that mess is cleaned up, Wisconsin scores upwind as Manny hits Drews 9-9. The hard cap immediately sounds and it is universe point! Monster Masler suddenly appears apparates onto the line, eyes glowing red, as Foster's Dark Mark burned hot baby blue. Monster Jazzler Mazler was just overhead muttering, "I'm gonna rip this. I'm gonna rip this." The pull goes 12 seconds and 84 3/4 yards, smothering Illinois. Foster snacks on a hail mary turn and Crumb finishes to Tom Murray for the first pump 10-9 win. The final huddle is not a happy one as both Foster and Animal rip the Hodags for not running hard. "Run 110% on the field because we have fresh legs! Don't save yourself!" Meanwhile, Florida was playing Colorado right next door and had taken a big 11-6 lead on Mamabird. But Co stormed back and tied the game, sending it to universe. The Brodsman jacked a 500 ball and Florida wins as Mr. Smith is awarded the Best College Offense Award.
Wisconsin is set to play Georgia, who has struggled against the top tier opponents so far this year and was yet to play Colorado on the day. The Hodags begin on Offense with wide open lines - determined to make the legs count. An explosion of fun ensues as Darth Klane comes out hot, scoring off a low release Drews laser toss 1-0. The Defense is ready to work as Matt Crumb gets the first layout D. The Hodags break as Cullen rips upwind for the 2-0 break to Simmons for the accidental skip spike at the feet of a Georgia defender. Now on the showcase field, the GA player swoops up the disc and rips it 60 yards straight out the side of the end zone, down the hill, and into the nearby woods. Tensions rose interestingly and Cinnabuns was not ready to wrastle, strapping on his headgear and putting his grill in GA's face. It was so intense for one split moment that even Brodman limped over to offer his opinion. Hector is the peacemaker, settling the Hodags and urging them to play on. Animal is seen gripping a dagger and staring menacingly at the Jojah sideline. Jake Smart rips a sick nasty flick Boom Headshot to roommate Diablo Donovan who click click click sky'd 3-0. Georgia finally scores 3-1 and Lazer responds with his own version of a Pew Pew! Boom Headshot going full field for T-Murda skydom 4-1. Georgia burns a timeout and gets it together - scoring and breaking twice as Adam Drews accidentally nails Freshman Armstrong who is standing on the sideline, stealing all of Wisconsin's fire! Jon requests to be buried alive rather than sacrificed once he realized it was a game disc thrown by his own teammates which nailed him so savagely now 4-4. The crowd now begins to cheer and the Hodags burn a timeout, allowing J-Foster a chance to tear the team a new one. Foster is one scaring mofo when he is pissed and every word radiated on this rant, "100% intensity on the field, every fucking point! I only have some many points left in my season and every one counts so run your ass off!" Darth Klane holds the Offense down scoring to Bergen 5-4 as the game begins to trade. Old Man Crumb erupts into a rage and begins getting layout D's upon command, but it is 5-5. Evan Klane calls "On Fire" as he hits Tomacide for another huge deep shot sky to lead 6-5, and Evan's fourth assist of the first half. Georgia manages to scores and after a timeout, steal a break 6-7 for half, leaving Wisconsin bewildered. It was an interesting huddle indeed but the mantra remained, "Play to have fun and just run! Run 100% because your buddy will if you don't." Madison takes the message to heart and storms out of half in a Defensive rampage. Jake Smart throws big goals to Matt Crumb and Cullen Geppert - both Double Happiness transition break goals for Wisconsin to lead 8-7. The rout is on as the blood in water only rallies the Hodags. Cullen Geppert continues to wreck havor, scoring 3 breaks on 3 points and putting the hurt to Georgia. Ben Feldman and Matt Crumb continue to pace the breaks as Wisconsin races to an 11-7 lead. Georgia halts the potential Oatbag with a score to make it 11-8. Tom Murda skies for a D and brings in the Double Happiness goal from Darth Klane now 12-8. The game ended tragically on cap as Georgia made a spectacular layout grab for a score 12-10. Matt Crumb won the game MVP by knocking down 5 layout D's - literally on command as the MUFA vertical stack that GA was running must have spurred the dominant performance. Wisconsin plays Florida last and wants revenge - especially in the brutal wind - hitting 25 mph often.
It was a Red Bull warm-up for Wisconsin who lounged a moment before almost running the same Seattle end zone drill as Florida, to which J-Fo responded, "Oh no, fudge that! Box Drill!" It was actually Bergen who realized that this game would suck without observers, but Coach Windham and Cyle were on hand to overrule any discrepancy. For the first time all weekend, Wisconsin starts on Defense going upwind and rips the pull to the brick. Brodie lumbers over the disc and instantly rifles a super high blade hammer to three streaking defenders for the in eyeball Troll traffic goal 1-0. Wisconsin shrugs it off as a WTF?, again wondering why Florida has to suck so hard. Manny tries the same huck before Feldman finds Davidman with a looper flick 1-1, as the Hodags rush the field, fired up. Florida continues to run bullshit offense, hucking a big backhand to which Animal D's 5 Gators deep, before relenting a score 1-2. It is Hollywood to Davidman again for Wisconsin now 2-2, as the Hodags are making possession saving layout grabs all over the field. After the Trouble in Vegas fiasco, to which Wisconsin was pwning on Florida before crapping it pants, it was Wisconsin who wanted to prove Florida actually sucks at Ultimate. Nobody on the Hodags was afraid of constant bullshit hucking, as most players had seen or played Muffin in action. It was time to bust it open as Evan boomed it deep to Tom Murrrrrda who skies the fuck out of Brodie and then hits the streaking Cullen for the upwind break 3-2. Murdaballs checks The Brodsman off the UPA Starting Seven List, having now brutally skied Dempsey and Brodie, with Neff and Mac still to come. However, after all the commotion, Madison poops themselves and allows Fl an upwind score and downwind break to steal the lead back 3-4. Wisconsin is a bit pissed because "They did what we thought they would do!" But during the escalation, observers were desperately needed as Brodie layout murdered Dr. Crumb. Matt Young went up two hands for a hammer and Brodie Smith clobbered him straight up in a murderously dangerous play and then was a total dick about the foul, contesting to send it back. If you are going to injure and go directly through someone's torso to get the D - you probably shouldn't contest it and thus Brodie's Callahan stock declines. Muffin administers a sideline TMF and Wisconsin scores 4-4 as Jimmy Foster brings it in from Animal, who has played the first 8 points of the game. Murray takes so long to pull that Brodie calls Offsides (WTF?) and makes Wisco pull it again... After that, Florida continues to punt deep, throwing 500 style double helix hammers to 3 Florida receivers. On one attempt, Troll attempts a greatest which hits cheating douchebag #12 right in the gloves for a drop. Ben Feldman catches a goal from Mannywood as the game evens 6-6. Wisconsin is in perfect position to take half, especially when Mannywood styles an entire pile of would be Florida receivers. However, Madison chokes up an upwind break off a garbage completed mack D huck for a goal line timeout, punched in for half 6-7... total bullshit. Florida boner checks itself as this contest is mostly being played in a brisk walk due to the ridiculous wind and fast break cheating by Florida. Animal and Murda combined to play nearly the entire first half at 10 points and basically the whole game at 17 points plus.
The Hodags are pissed with the Gators but somehow get pulled into the punting Shit Box out of half as Florida breaks 4 times to lead 11-6. It is very frustrating as the winds overpower most discs. Florida is completing their hucks wheras the Hodags are punting turns. The double teaming Zone isn't helping either. However, Muffin finds a small laugh as he calls "Offsides" on Florida, only for The Brodster to believe it, trying to re-pull his brutal OB rip. Even Coach Windham laughs as bystanders can't make on-the-field calls, usually made by observers... Anyway, in the final moments, Wisconsin is able to snap out of it and work the disc, scoring twice before the contest ends 8-13. Wisconsin takes a deep breathe and huddles it in. Mental errors, throwing miscues, and bad decision making marked the entire game. It was the same mistakes as always, but this time the Hodags didn't respond. Soon is was food and late night NCAA hoops with Michigan St. vs. UNC for the championship. The only bright spot of the Florida game was Gaynor returning to action in the waning moments of the day, giving the Hodags a small morale boost. Overall, it was decent day for the Hodags but a disappointing finish as the revenge game for Florida will have to wait until Nationals. Sunday looks like afternoon showers, but the morning will be beautifully windy.
Sunday morning was exactly that - ridiculously windy with gusts up to and beyond 35mph straight upwind/downwind. Wisco begins on Offense and works downwind with stretching deep looks and easy unders as Tom Murray finishes to Adam Drews 1-0 on the quick score. On the other hand, Kansas works the disc downwind very slowly and barely scores with a high release backhand on the goal line 1-1. Straight Drews is feeling it as he rips a Boom Headshot to the fully healed Gaynor taking the lead 2-1. Kansas' offense looks sluggish as they complete a stall 9 hammer, hauled in most stealthily for the 2-2 tie. Wisco is in no mood to mess around as Darth Klane rips a big huck to T-Murda 3-2. Tomacide is dominating on Sunday and throws his third assist to Drews for his 2nd goal now 4-3. The D is mostly lackluster as Kansas gets a lucky deep shot 4-4. The Hodags are again on the showcase field as Drews finds Davidman for the hold 5-4. The crowd gives Jake Smart the business as he is toasted to the cone 5-5 with a Horrorzontal spike even. Lazer Klane remains unstoppable as he hits the speedster Drews for his 5th score of the first half now 6-5 Wisco. The Hodags burn a timeout to steal half, but only show the first glimmer of intensity as Kansas somehow holds 6-6. It must be the wind as Davidman drops a goal and Lazer bobbles another, giving Axel a full field upwind huck, to timeout to goal line punch-in for half 6-7.
Despite the solid Offensive play, the Defense was struggling to keep up its end of the bargain, trading the whole half and getting only two chances with the disc to break. Sure enough at halftime, the wind began to shift suddenly, reversing the field position. Madison yells about showcasing some tough physical hard-nosed defense but it is to deaf ears as impossibly the Hodags have no fire, no layout bids, and inexplicably no will to win. It seems like the loss to Florida took the wind out of the Hodag sails this morning and with it the desire the win. Kansas holds out of half 8-6 and Wisconsin tightens its belt. Evan Klane rips a goal to Gaynor to make it 7-8, but the Defense just isn't getting it done on the field. Sloppy miscues allow Kansas to score and break to 10-7, but the scenario is still the same, one upwind break to tie the contest. Darth Lazer scores a goal from Manny as the game is within 2 at 8-10. Wisconsin furiously needs a turnover and upwind break, but they continue to play like pussies. Kansas scores and lets up another upwind break, making it 8-12 and curtains! Muffin was very angry and slapping players left and right, but it was of no use... the Hodags couldn't kindle a fire with a freaking blowtorch. It wasn't even possible to slap these kids hard enough to begin caring and their fate was sealed. Feldman finds Foster for a goal to make it 9-12, but its obviously curtains as Axel bobbles a mack D catch before sealing it 9-13. The Hodags were a bit salty with the result and a brutal loss to the Horrorzontals was not good news. "Embarrassing loss," was all Hector could mutter. The 2009 Hodags are young and their mental lapses have allowed the likes of Virginia, Tennessee, Washington, and now Kansas to chalk up victories against them this season. Muffin could only speak to individuals at this point, urging handlers to value the disc and play smart.
Next up was Michigan and Wisconsin, at the very least, needed to act tougher, even if that wasn't that case. With the spiraling winds, the Hodags did not seem excited to play, not excited to win and at times fucking clueless and helpless of how to take over a game. Things look worse as Michigan scores and breaks upwind to lead 2-0, giving Evan the walrus. If Wisconsin was to respond it would be now, as Muffin and Hector imposed their will upon the sidelines. The Hodags finally score downwind as Gaynor rips a sweet breakside backhand huck to Murda 1-2. Wisconsin then gets an easy break as Jake finds Manny on a little dishy 2-2. With the momentum in hand, Wisconsin breaks again as Murda rips deep to Cullen 3-2 on a long point. The rampage is on and the Hodags bust a nut with Manny ripping a nasty flick to Ben Feldman 4-2. A marathon point ensues and it looks as if Michigan will never score ever again, but 9 turns later it is 4-3 as the open Wisconsin lines couldn't finish Magnum off. Will Neff begins to play well, scoring and coaxing Michigan to break twice to lead 4-5, firing up the Hodags all over again. As the intensity builds, Gaynor gets open in the zone a rips a huge flick to Davidman now 5-5. Michigan tries to play the nice-guy game, but Wisconsin is finding the defensive zone, despite Foster and Murda crashing into each other both bidding for a layout D. J-Flo then scores to Old Man Crumb to lead 6-5 and Wisconsin steals half downwind as Gaynor gets a poach catch D in the lane and rips a 50 yard hammer to Crumb who finishes to Feldman 7-5 half! The noob Hodags worship Gaynor's fancy throws as Wisconsin looks to finish strong.
Madison is on Offense out of half and shreds Magnums zone with 7 perfectly placed fast throws 8-5 as Bjergies spikes it hard. Magnum scores on some swillyness 8-6 as a layout over the shoulder Matt Crumb mack D is ran down and bidded for the grab deep in the endzone. Wisconsin pounds in another quick and perfect O point to lead 9-6 as Davidman finishes. Lazer Klane rips a huge huck to Patsy for the sky spike break now 10-6 and gaining steam. Michigan scores to make it 10-7, but the Hodags are at another defensive level in the brutal 35 mph winds. The Hodags have the confidence to work the disc as Jon "Dialed In" Gaynor rips another huck to Davidman 11-7. Mannywood and Masler punch in the last two breaks as Wisco wins easily 13-7, demoralizing the revenge seeking Michigan. Wisconsin was happy to put together a strong game top-to-bottom and glad to bounce back after the atrociously played Kansas game.
The last round was negotiated to be Colorado vs. Wisconsin, just for something fun to watch. However, Mamabird and the Hodags were forced down to the last field for their exhibition game on the 15th place field, which surprisingly came with observers. Wisconsin barely managed a drill before game time as Muffin heckled Colorado's pre game possessions. It was Offense first going downwind, in probably 35+ mph winds. Overall, it would be brutally freaking gusty, but at times, manageable due to the nearby hills and full tree cover. At this point of the weekend, the fields were getting messed and travels were coming left and right as the field below their feet was "traveling." The Hodag lesson for this game was run as hard as you can because this is the last game of the weekend. Darth Lazer took the opening possession and rifled a head-level huck to Drews who finished to Murray 1-0. Colorado was looking strong, scoring as Simmons landed in no-man's-land and breaking upwind to lead 1-2, as Gaynor slipped in the mud. Despite the slow start, Wisconsin chills out and goes to work, taking unders and holding 2-2 as Drews and Gaynor gutted out another long hard O point. Crumb was still playing like a stud and tosses a goal to Jon KillStrong as the Hodags led 3-2. Colorado responds and scores three in a row to lead 5-3, once giving Wisconsin the walrus. Zach Alter is able to stop the bleeding, putting a flick blade on the money to Gaynor 5-4, as Colorado had been running a poachy zone, not guarding the third handler what-so-ever. Colorado is running the side-iso stack through Mac Taylor and score to take half 7-4. Wisconsin isn't out of the game, but lacking in confidence. Muffin lays out the game plan and encourages the team to finish the tournament strong. "If this were freaking finals, would you be running harder?" There was plenty of work to be done and Wisconsin was definitely getting better at slowing down Mamabird, but not enough as the lead widened to 4-8. Colorado had broken 4 times in the first half and now it was on the Hodags to roar to life. Adam Drews hits Gaynor for Wisconsin as the game stands at 5-8. Mannywood busts out a Cursebreaker as he two-feet standing skies Pebbles on the goal line and then punches in the score to KillStrong 6-8. The Hodags are firing back with high pressure D as Matt Crumb brutally footblocks Mac Taylor, but Mamabird holds 6-9. Muffin almost calls a timeout, but Big Jim S calls it first, as both teams are looking completely exhausted for the moment. Wisconsin needs to keep fighting and Zach Alter rips another Boom Headshot to Drews for the score 7-9. The battle continues only for Jazzler Jizzler to find Crumbly for a break 8-9. Colorado holds to 8-10 before Gaynor finds Murray 9-10. Wisconsin is feeling it and wants another break as Jimmy Foster brutal skies and finishes to Crumbly again now 10-10. Captain Foster is fueling the fire and hollers at the next D line, "No Under!" he screams for 6 straight times, only for Animal to steal all of his fire and go Zone. The Hodags get the turn allowing Jimmy Foster to find Cullen for the break now 11-10 Hodags. With the end in sight and the Veteran Hodags playing like studs, Wisconsin was setting the tone. Marathon points are now the norm as the game trades to 11-11. Wisconsin manages 5 footblocks in the game and evens the game despite being down 4 breaks in the first half. Adam Drews is now the workhorse, throwing three straight goals (2 Murda) and keeping Wisconsin churning 14-13. Jon Gaynor made a huge under layout D, when the disc was thrown before the Mamabird cutter even came out of his cut. Ganges was overheard later saying, "Either I'm going to D this or that guy was going to make the catch of his life." Co continues to hold as the game pushes to universe 14-14, as Animal just misses a perfect layout D chance. The final point is chilly until a pick/foul allows Bergen to heads-up keep playing, throwing a flick to space for Foster. The observers convene and the point is replayed as Brodie looks on bewildered. Bergen ends up double scoring the last point to Jimmy who takes off the disc as his teammates immediately chase him in jubilation. Wisconsin ended the tournament 5-2, but ending on a high note. Foster then steals the tray of rice-crispy brownies, only to again be chased by his teammates. T-Murda finishes crossing Mac off his list of Starting 7 Studs and then congratulates Crumb on his many footblocks. The Hodags ate riceless burritoes with Co at the nearest Qdoba as Mac chatted deeply with Hector.
And like every weekend, the Hodags are exhausted and heading back to the end of semester and the beginning of the College Series. If Wisco lay's an egg now - there are no second chances and team's are headed home instead. With a weekend off for Easter - Sectionals and Regionals are back-to-back weekends in Whitewater and Northfield respectively. The Defense begins is assault on the Offense, winning the poor snowy/rainy/awful field conditions battles. Find your Sectionals costumes now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terminus 2009

Wisconsin had a short week to recover. The Stanford Invite had taken a lot of energy out of the trusty legs and there was very little time to even so much as comprehend the mid season evaluations which were running rampant amongst the Hodag core. With the new agility ladder, Wisconsin is getting more athletic and generally more intelligent as a team. This is not good news for anyone else. The 2009 season was supposed to be rebuilding time, as the graduation of 9 studs and the departure of 5 other starters puts new clothes on the old face - Hodag Intensity.
However, most Hodags skipped Wednesday practice as Spring Break had officially started. The ride down to Georgia was quick enough as the anticipation was overpowering. The weather was not as excited as misty rain combined with chilly winds made for crappy conditions. Nonetheless, Wisconsin was ready to own on teams. But the domination would have to wait until the pulls landed in-bounds as Jake and Animal took turns missing the field and then arguing/screaming at each other was they walked down the field. The first game was against Iowa State and fresh legs were a must for Madison. Dave Wiseman was playing strong D as Armstrong bombed a 30 yard flick huck for a score as Wisconsin played efficient and well across the board 13-6. Next up was Rhone Island and the Hodags feasted 13-3, riding Jerry's wide open and well timed under cuts not to mention Manny's filthy good looks. Wisconsin played Kennesaw State next and continued to showcase their dominance winning something 13-3. The rookie Hodags are beginning to get comfortable in the sets and are finally breaking through to make plays. The best moments for the Offense is that they went unnoticed, scoring easily with cutter to cutter movement. Wisconsin continues to adapt to an ever-changing roster as Hollywood refused to get his new cleats dirty, smarking about "Wet ground and groin tears don't mix pacho." Gaynor breathed a sign of relief, knowing the Hodags probably saved something like 6 turnovers from Benji's IO flick. The last game of the day was against Delaware, who had one tall stud who was making plays everywhere. Darth "I need a nut tap" Klane was bombing IO flicks for headshots as Big Patsy skied big in the drizzly conditions 3-4. Wisconsin needed to make some mid-game adjustments to shut down Mr. InDelware who was hucking, skying, and toasting for scores, taking the lead 5-7. Captain J-Fo was growing anxious and Dan Park appeared clueless for how best to quell The Sideshow's momentum, as they held out of half 6-9. It was growing colder, raining and a clamy 45 degrees. Wisconsin called a timeout and roared something fericious, determined to finish on top. The Offense took control of the field, ripping off 29 yard cutter to cutter unders for pancake headspikes. Animal set a box-3-and-1 on Delamatrix which completely shut him down something brutal. The Hodags took control of the momentum and OATBAG'd for the win! Boo ya in the eyeball! Overall, Madison was making big strides with most of the team playing well! The Offense's philosophy of scoring the disc every time was finally working out regularly as Veteran's Gaynor and Murray showed the ropes to Chrispy and Davidman. Jake pulled the disc out of bounds apparently like 18 times, but played shut down defense for it. Wisconsin plays the winner of Truman State/FSU and was on the inside track for a finals appearance as Georgia and Minnesota had both lost during the day. Wisconsin was pumped to crush on team's and decided to give Darth Lazer another nut tap just for a good Spring Break joke. Sunday morning - global warming - tournament canceled.

Stanford Invite 2009

Midterms versus practice was the mantra in the weeks leading up to the Stanford Invite. The Hodags were feeling good and relatively fast, but still struggling to find a clear team identity. Needless to say, but during an ultimate season the injuries and bruises certainly begin to take their toll on the starters. Mardi Gras hadn't been particularly easy either and Trouble in Vegas showed the lowest possibility of the valleys. But Hodags are confident and all the veterans knew the expectation of winning well. After 3 straight hard workouts, Wisconsin relaxed for a moment to enjoy a pasta dinner at the disc house. The Badgers were rocking Minnesota and during the commercials Antonia Banderas showed off the finer points of murdering your enemies in a stunning over-the-top Desperado. The topic of rule changes sprang up as Jake argued the merits of Carleton and Florida no longer being able to call "Travel." The Refzervers were calling active up/down, travel calls, and most notably, putting the disc into play at stoppages with a 3, 2, 1 whistle. This would lead to countless faulty violation calls throughout the weekend as the disc was tapped in before the referee was in position to call it. Either way, these were big time changes for the speed of the game. Stanford was always a fun trip because it was a chance to see beautiful southern California. Riding through the airport on a wheelchair was exhausting as Murda demanded to sit on Muffin's lap. The plane ride was over sooo quickly... "And then you won a third national championship and made the world's team..." was the wonderful dream Morfin was experiencing before being woken up by the stewardess to a simple question, "Would you like a muffin?" To a sleepy grin, "Yes, yes Muffin would love a muffin."
Soon Wiseman and Muffnuts were waiting for Murray to get a minivan in the airport lobby. Immediately music (osman mirza's selection) was being tapped into over the interwebs until Murda's debit card got rejected. Muffnuts crutched clumsily to counter past at least 20 waiting patrons, and begins to haggle over the price of the car. "Well it's an extra $25 per day if the driver is under 25," with a stern stare. Murder pounds the counter in disgust but Muffin responds, "Good thing I'm 26." “Oh great, here's your total then,” with a warm smile. Wiseman then proceeded to steal the wrong car, which had to be unpacked and repacked again. As Tomacide winds through traffic, several bums are pushed into the street, fighting with construction workers, and openly begin peeing into oncoming traffic. Minivan Ganges was the leading contender of living it up in SoCal, going hiking and disc golfing - running into Kablanza, Big Jim S, and a couple of terrible looking Jam players. As it turns out, Hollywood Feldman doesn't quite get the mechanics of disc golf, such as hurling an object as opposed to low release air bounce super IO loopers popping straight up and nailing trees at 10 yards. This was followed up by 4 giant meals, not to mention a sushi hut in which a wasabi eating contest turned south. Morfin taps the server, "Is this going to be okay to eat?" The server's eyes widen and exclaims, "Oh, that is crazy!" But the bet is on and Muffin strategically plops the egg roll laden with wasabi into his mouth. Meanwhile Alter attempts to con the parking attendant who tracks him down at dinner. During the 4th meal, the Madison Lids guy sauntered in to examine his handywork as J-Fo and Jake argued over who would hit on their high school tropthy wife hot friend more. This couldn't even top the closing moments of the 1.5 hour car ride to Ripon, until Gaynah began crying to a moving serenade from the Armageddon soundtrack. Upon arriving at Hotel Erotica, complete with celebrating Oregon honey’s rushing to the pool looking for a Hodag stud to give them a late night tuck in. But Wisconsin was sleepy falling fast asleep... until the middle of the night when Manny tripped over Jake Smart into the TV, almost murdering the slumbering Muffnuts.
Stanford is first into the breakfast room and unusually lively for this early in the morning. SuperFly decided it was time play flower-finger-trap game, apparently given just that morning as a buddy gift. The game progressed loudly as Murda slapped down his waffle. Meanwhile the girl talk chatter was growing, “1-2-3-4 – pick a color… R-E-D.” The tumultuous uproar of whatever was read drowned out all sound and jolted all those in the breakfast room immediately aware as the moderately paced room was thrust into an orgasm of silliness and screeching girls as it turned into an amazing show of female combradiery. The rest of breakfast would be a blur.
Wisconsin was confident per usual, but already down to 20 players as they departed from the La Quinta and traipsed to the cars. It was a chilly 38 degrees out, very dewy and wet. Wisconsin's sideline looked very sparse during warm-ups as Doughyu missed his flight and Simmons was too sick to finish a single warm-up lap. A multitude of Hodags were at the trainer's tent getting taped and lubbed up. Wisconsin did manage to ascertain an entire field and tried to build some stream in warm-ups, but it was slow going as the first round started at 8:30am. The Hodags squared off with the UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs first. Darth Klane and John Bergen were the only two Hodags ready to throw down immediately, transitioning on backfield turns for easy floater goals 2-1. Jazzy Jizzler ripped the first break of the day to Diablo Donovan for the sky break 3-1. Madison sneaks a Zone set and immediately breaks downwind to lead 4-1 as T-Murda finds Feldner beating his man to the cone. Santa Cruz calls a timeout and regroups - scoring and breaking back to tighten the game to 4-3. Darth Lazer must have been feeling the Valley Fever as he sliced and diced for the next 2 assists putting Wisconsin up 6-4. The Hodags could not finish on D for half as Feldman on mack D's the disc and Santa Cruz snatches the upwind swill 6-5. Madison settled for 7-5 as Adam Drews hit Jimmy Foster for sky. Soon enough, Lil' Jimmy rolls up the sideline, along with the Foster's! The Hodags rejoiced for the moral support, but couldn't pound in the break out of half, now just 7-6. Zach Alter rips a big flick to Drews as Wisconsin responds to 8-6. The Brodags now turn up the pressure as Cupcakes Mannywood has already played 12 points. The Banana Slugs turf a disc to a diving receiver who spikes the disc into the air angerily, only for Janet to clap catch the disc and pop a quick breakside goal to Matt Crumb for the immediate score 9-6. Wisconsin struggled to slam the door and UCSC broke back to 9-8, keeping the game close and the sidelines tense. Adam Drews burns for his 4th goal of the game, now 10-8 and Santa Cruz keeps pace 10-9. The soft cap horn blows and Foster punches in another score to put Wisconsin up 11-9 in a game to 13. The Hodags stack the line and immediately break as Feldner floats a flick up to Diablo for the sky spike 12-9. Santa Cruz hucks upwind and Hollywood gets into good position, but again mack D's the disc into a waiting Banana Slug now 12-10. Jimmy Foster finishes the game with a nasty huck to the waiting Gaynor 13-10 Hodags. Murray and Animal paced the Hodags on defense as both collected two blocks during the contest. Wisconsin is not especially happy with their team wide intensity and vow to play at least a little bit better, considering that UCSC hung with Wisco the whole game despite only having a couple of ballers. The junk was struggling against the vertical sets and the general inexperience was shining through.
The second game was against the Sockeye stud Nate Castine laced Western Washington DIRT. The Hodags were still auspiciously without fire and anger, desperately needing a firestarting spark! Billiam Lokke called in the conference call, urging Wisconsin pwn on this knickny-knacky bullshit. Castine was ready to carry DIRT from the start, pulling huge, playing tight D on Foster deep as Bergen tossed up a stall 9 huck, at a normal stall 6 count. The refzesers were also flexing their muscles early on, calling half a dozen early travels and offsides calls - keeping both teams honest and concerned about this new presence. Overall, their effect on the game was positive after the player's adjusted to the new style of game flow. In the pre-game huddle, Old Man Crumb asks, "Do they have whistles then?" Anyway, Castine rips a 65 yard upwind flick for the brutal sky and eventually Wisconsin pushes the disc back a couple yards, again to Nate. Castine tries the open side under only for Straight Drooze to get a nasty layout D and putting the Wisconsin sideline into a frenzy! However, fast counts and stealthy poaches were hurting Wisco as DIRT broke 0-1 to start. Zach Alter scores to Darth Lazer 1-1 and the Hodags needed to set the tone and play our game. Western Washington is playing inspired disc, taking deep shots and easy unders to set the pace 4-3. Captains Lazer and J-Fo are pacing the offense with steady upwind Offense to tie the game 4-4. Wisconsin finally lucks out and finishes one of the countless opportunities to break as Jizzler pops a high release to Dan Park for the break 5-4. DIRT responds and scores a marathon point hammer to stay in the game 5-5 and then quickly breaks to steal the lead 5-6. Cupcakes Mannywood decides it is time to make plays as Manny bombs a 50 yard upwind flick for a T-Murda sky 6-6! Wisconsin screams Boom Headshot, but fails to steal half as WW takes it 6-7. Wisconsin is now pissed. Old Man Crumb screams about setting the bar higher and running this bitches into the ground! The Hodags are feeling the hate and proceed to immediately hit the kill switch, letting the beat build! Foster and Muffin bet on how best to get the D and score it, both agreeing to disagree. Madison stacks the line out of half and gets a deep turnover. Mannywood brings the disc to the cone and rips a Muffinesque 75 yard upwind bomb for a Hollywood sky and spike goal 7-7. Even Julie Foster comments, "That's nice," as the screaming bridge immediately ensues. The Hodags roar, retch, and rampage into a ravenous riptide! Jerry gets into the game and proceeds to get an under layout D on the isolation set, sparking ridiculousness!! Feldman pops a 55 yard downwind flick to the lumbering giant Diablo for the clap spike now 8-7. DIRT burns a timeout, but the damage has been done; the Hodags have hit the kill switch! Matt Crumb completely takes over and bids over the shoulder to tip a fluttering disc, which is unbelievably caught by WW. The sweet catcher swings the disc and proceeds O2 only for Crumb to spring up, chase him down, and then layout D him against with a hip thrust celebration. Wisconsin is on fire and Old Man Young cashes in the break on the open side with a two handed catch now 9-7, taking full revenge on for Castine's earlier layout bid which brutally table-topped Dr. Crumb onto his neck. Wisconsin opens the lines and WW scores to make it 9-8. Zach Alterzone hucks a terrible floaty flick upwind, but J-Fo is able to toe sky the line for the hold 10-8. Crispy Pearce scores a deep goal from Alter as Wisconsin pulls to 11-9. Animal throws a nasty invert huck to Masler who finishes to Murray now 12-9. Darth Klane finishes to the workhorse Gaynah for the finishing touches 13-10 Wisconsin. The sun is now fully blinding as Madison thanks the refzesers and relaxes for their bye round - waiting to play Wash U and Carleton in the following rounds. To this juncture, Adam Drews and Gaynor are playing really solid and burning all over the field as Simmons is forced to sullenly watches from the sidelines – claiming to be ailing too severely to run hard. As King MuffinPuff stalks to the minivan to some more sunscreen Muffnuts spikes a minivan crowded with boys mesmerized and slowly passing around a penthouse. That didn’t even compare with the free burrito Skipp was graciously donating to the hungry noise in Morfin and Crospy’s stomachs as they sensually shared the delicious burrito. The field complex was actually very nice – despite the lavish dosage of Valley Fever – and the huge sloping hills gave a perfect sight to the many high profile games happening everywhere as California stormed back and took down Colorado.
Meanwhile, Wisconsin was warming up in several end zone’s, to which games were still happening – but not the field with Wash U of St. Louis who was battling Humbuldt State to the depths of insanity. The Buds came away smiling and even made Cowboy Hat Jerome grin a bit. The Hodags took a calculated approach to the madness warming up again, running DragonShit simultaneously with the Gaynor pumping out deep hammers. As the game commenced, it became clear that the Hodags were playing dominate D and utilizing masterful deep looks. Wash U was under prepared for the assault the Hodags levied – as run through D after huck after sky after ruthless juke put the score out of reach. Wisconsin was sure to finish the game strong – flexing for the first time all weekend and clearly looking forward to playing Carleton.
The Hodags reached the next field with over 35 minutes to game time, resting for a moment and even fighting over food as the legs cooled. The CUT was playing with only 13 kids and as the day wore on they arrived looking perfectly dogged. Their jerseys were shabby and the Refs maneuvered the flip and opening statements. “Lets have a good clean game gentlemen.” Jerome and CK flashed fierce looks, while rustling their hair and smearing their eye black. Foster was unimpressed and quickly told the Ref’s not to take any of Jerome’s bullshit antics. The sidelines filled in and even the Hill Trolls made a note to attend this showcase game. Wisconsin scores on a very intense first point, spiking the disc directly into CUT’s face for the 1-0 lead. Carleton’s other 4 players then entered the game and it was a heated game immediately. Fat Kanner was ripping breakside hucks lazer deep and Fast Pants Lindsley was running down space with rampant authority. Florida began cheering and pointing as Jerome had raced onto the field, tackling and overpowering one of the refzervers while creating overall havoc and mayhem. It was only when Jerome wildly kicked out Muffin’s crutch did the crowd audibly gasp as Morfin subsequently wrestled Jerome to the ground in a mess of body parts. CK was budy turning the disc over as Dave Wiseman skied a pile of players, including Murda for the huge deep D. Crumb was not impressed and began hurting on CUT, getting layout D’s all over faces and dominating his match up.