Thursday, September 27, 2007


Muffin’s Tips to Making the 2007-2008 Hodags

This is my 6th year of Hodag tryouts and over the years I have identified some clear cut ways to getting noticed and making the team.

1) Play hard. Let your actions on the field prove why you should be a Hodag. It is easy to identify the players who are working hard on the field – shutting down their cutter or just plain putting effort into everything they do.

2) Defense. Defense. Defense. The Wisconsin program as been built upon a defense first mentality. The Hodags can teach you how to throw the disc, where to run, and how to play – but the program cannot teach you how to show emotion, run hard, and put your body on the line to get your hand on the disc.

3) Flip the switch. Wisconsin wants players who can mentally go from chilly to crazy in an instant. Find the inner fire and embrace the need to dominate someone else when the stakes increase. Show intensity, emotion, and excitement on the field. Pump yourself up to make a sick play and make the conscious decision to try your very hardest at all times. The Hodags cannot teach you how to get angry and play hard. Only the competitive fire from within yourself can reveal what you will do to make a play.

4) Be Aggressive and lay out. Nothing shows energy and effort like bidding for a disc. Always try to make a play if you have a chance. Even if you don’t think you can get the block, make a layout attempt regardless. Any time the disc goes up to the person you are guarding or even anywhere near you – put the extra effort into making a play.

5) Prove it. Play your absolute hardest every time you step on the field. Guard the best players and show everyone there that you can make plays at the next level.

6) Dominate. Become a dominator if you have the skill set. Throw goals, catch goals, get D’s, get the disc at will, break marks, make bids, get hand blocks, sky for discs, pwn kids, huck discs, and generally become a player that the other team must always respect and even fear. Play to your strengths and play within yourself – meaning if you are new to throwing do not feel like you need to force it downfield.

7) Set a goal. Every player on the team will eventually find a role on the team to make the Hodags successful. Find a niche and try to perfect it. On defense there are two options, be the guy who plays shut down D and never lets his man touch the disc or be the hero and get those layout D’s.