Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Mardi Gras. Traditionally, Christians' final fling with hedonism and bachannalia before Lent begins and we give up our vices for a few weeks of piety.

But this is not an article about religion. This is about the Hodags. And the way they arrived at the Baton Rouge fields with the same fanfare as the crews' parade floats down Bourbon Street.
Many minds turned toward the still-evident devastation of Katrina, including the Hodags. How could they help reestablish a sense of normalcy? What little part could they play to allow the healing to continue?

Simple. They would come and do what they do every year: beat down teams and cash checks.
The Mardi Gras tournament has for three years now given away a cash prize to the winners of the top college divisions. And for the third time, the Hodags went to pick up their check. Facing no real competition as they ate through happy-to-be-theres and nationals hopefulls, the Hodags took home names, numbers, and $2000.

Here are their scores:
Pool Play (Saturday)
vs Vanderbilt 13-8
vs Washington U 13-4
vs North Texas 13-4

Elimination Play (Sunday)
vs Texas A&M 13-7
vs Kansas 13-3
vs Texas in finals 13-6

And the $2000 purse. Congrats to the Hodags, but be vigilant, and remain focused. Nothing matters until May.

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