Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras 7-Peat

The Wisconsin Hodags survive a lost chartered bus, a blizzard storm, ridiculously muddy fields, and a first round loss to North Park to earn their 7th straight Mardi Gras Championship complete with King Cake. The first round loss to North Park has been characterized as a Travel Coordinator snafu. The drive-through-the-night car made it to the fields about 30 minutes to game-time, while the charter bus went to the wrong field site (weather change). North Park, having played an entire game already, agreed with Crumbly not to assess points despite the Hodags arriving about 20 minutes after game time. They were even nice enough to let Wisconsin do an abbreviated dynamic and layout into a mud puddle drill - before the game began. One break was scored the entire game and North Park prevailed 11-12, dominating Hodag defenders in the muddy conditions.

Ben Feldman, best injured Hodag not in cleats, freaks out hardcore. Reliving the hate days of 2008 - Benji snaps on the team for playing so average. It was a spectacle, an explosion, a diabolical world domination plan set aflame. Crumbly responded by challenging the Hodags to have fun instead of seething with hate -- which worked as Wisconsin won the rest of their games for the day, finishing 2nd in the pool at 3-1. Not winning the pool was probably a good thing as it gave Wisco another game to play on Sunday morning, needing now 5 straight wins starting in pre-prequarterfinals to take the 7th straight Mardi Gras Title.

Wisconsin rolled the first two games easily and then controlled Minnesota in semifinals for a solid win. Illinois was over-matched in finals as the Hodags devoured the King Cake. Dave Wiseman finally played up to his potential, grabbing 9 D's on the weekend, 3 more than Zach Ehler's 6.
Next up: Stanford Invite in 11 days!

Stevinson Invite
Wisconsin rocks Texas to start the day, up 10-0 before winning 13-3.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you are all great guys, but really, stealing your mascot from Rhinelander???

Anonymous said...

ha remember when you guys were actually good.....that was great.