Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nationals Forecast: Skies Partially-Cloudy With Baby Blue Jerseys

Post Natties Road Trip Drama.

Reality Implosion from Brandon Malecek on Vimeo.

Highlight reel from the 2007-2008 season; introducing the Hodag sky patrol.

2008 Nationals Champions

Pool Play vs. Stanford
Quarterfinals vs. Harvard
Semi-finals vs. Colorado

UPA Open Finals Write-up
Match Open Finals Write-up
Match Quarters/Semis Write-up

Discraft Pictures
NUMP All Collegiate Team
NUMP 2008 Final Rankings

SI Video

Back-to-Back Championships in '07 and '08 for the Wisconsin Hodags
Why you ask? Because the Hodags work harder than any other college ultimate team. The Hodags had more legs, more energy, and more endurance than every team they played all season - and it showed more than usual at Nationals in the heat and altitude.

Does this sound familiar?

"Madison is essentially the best modern day program having played 4 of the last 6 national finals, and every year in nationals since 1999. Furthermore, if Wisconsin can continue the trend of dominance and get back to finals in 2008, the Hodags would have a strong case for the best class of players ever. Wisconsin would have a graduating class of 12 players who will have played in 3 national finals, which would beat UCSB’s 10 players who have been to nationals 3 times and their 41 players in 2 years. Basically since 2000 Madison has been dominating college ultimate along with Colorado. Here is the premise – Wisconsin has not only the best single year college team ever and is becoming the best modern day program. The 2008 Hodags could have the best line ever for a graduating class in the history of ultimate. Three stud handlers in Matt Rebholz, Kevin Riley, Muffin Malecek and four dominate cutters in Andrew Mahowald, Shane Hohenstein, Will Lokke, and Chris Doede. Add to that defender Seth Meyer and cutter Tim Pearce – this is literally the best 9 players to ever graduate in a single class. Prediction – the 2008 Hodags will be the best team in college history going undefeated 56-0 and winning 8 tournaments. The Wisconsin dynasty will be better than Santa Barbara’s 3-peat and UNCW’s run in the 90’s. Wisconsin will be unstoppable next year with 8 players getting time with Sub Zero and the opportunity to get to play some of the best club teams in the world. Expect the younger players to sharpen their skills while getting valuable experience with Madison Club. The college season starts in approximately 2 months – can the Hodags defend the title?"



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