Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wisconsin Hodags Tryouts

Wisconsin Ultimate Frisbee

Practice will begin the second week of school at 4:30-6:30pm University Bay Fields.
Tryouts will continue for 6 weeks and complete after the Eau Claire Tournament.

Join the Facebook Event "Wisconsin Hodags Ultimate Frisbee Tryouts". Search for it under events.

Full Schedule:
Mon Sept 10th
Wed Sept 12th
Mon Sept 17th
Wed Sept 19th

Mon Sept 24th
Wed Sept 26th
Mon Oct 1st
Wed Oct 3rd

Mon Oct 8th
Wed Oct 10th
Mon Oct 15th
Wed Oct 17th

Sat-Sun Oct 20-21 -- Eau Claire Tournament

Bring cleats, water, and frisbee to practice.

Fields are just north of University Hospital and Waisman Center

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jeremy (shafton@wisc.edu) said...

count me in :O

JFo said...

As of now tryouts are still on for today even if it is still raining.

j fo said...

Ubay fields are closed today so the first tryout will be Wednesday Sept 12th 430-630

j fo said...

We would like the following players to come back for the second round of tryouts:

Matt Young
Alex Simmons
Peter Kadin
Mark Liu
Brett Carr
Michael Mullahy
Ben Feldman
Matt Rudman
Max Abramson
Jack Stutter
Zach Atler
Ryan Ingersoll
Jim Foster
Matt Knutson
Andy Holt
David Glustrom
Micah Pepper
Julian Elman
Thomas Murray
Seth Meyer
Nick Sievert
Evan Klane
Matt Rebholz
Steve Rubinyi
Jon Marshall
Jon Kibort
John Beye
Chris Kardosh
Scott Moucha
David Friedman
Jordan Moshe
John Bergen
Marc Weimer
Pat Donovan
Jason Meland
Max Costello
Brian Bentley
Jake Smart
Brandon Malecek
Jeremiah Berlin
Orrie Chazin
Will Lokke
Jim Aspholm
Jonathan Masler
Mark Shelson
Josh Tabak
Drew Mabrowald
Tom Butt
Peter Volkmar
Zach Elher
Chip Taylor
John Harris
Kelly Moses
Tom Animal Annen
Will Calkins
Gavin Jones
Henry Hays-Wehle
Cullen Geppert
Kevin Riley
Jeff Lieberthal
Will Yu
Jon Gaynor
Matt Lechmaiere
Bob Wilcox
Chris Doede
Tim Pearce
Shane Hohenstein

I'm sorry that it took me so long to get this out to you guys. It was definitly the most difficult first cut that the hodags have ever had to make
in the first round. I want to thank everyone that came out and strongly encourage everyone who isn't on that list to come back on monday to
play for the b team. I can't stress enough how pivotal the b team is to this program and to the sucess of the hodags. It is a great way to learn
fundamentals and will give you the best shot at making the a team next year. Again, thank you for coming out, you are what makes this
program as great as it is. I hope to see everyone out at UBay on moday.

Jim Foster